The Solar Future Awards 2023

The Solar Future Awards 2023

During 2022, MENA Solar Energy have brought people, businesses, companies, and sectors closer together and showcase true strength to tackle any situation thrown at them – and we want to recognize that! The awards recognize the companies in the region for their excellent business strategies, innovative achievements, and outstanding accomplishments of projects across the MENA region.
Entries are welcomed from companies based in any country or region, providing they are delivering efforts in the MENA region. Applications can apply for multiple awards with your products or projects in each category for free. The rigorous judging process by a panel of industry experts ensures a highly ethical that you and clients can trust.
The winners receive a trophy and have the right to use the Award signet in their advertising. The advantage of the Award signet is its neutrality and independence, the professional expertise it represents, and the associated marketing effect. An important advantage for finalists and winners is the high marketing value of the award.

Why The Solar Future Awards?

A.  Promote the industry

The award is free to apply, thus we are intended to help the projects, the teams and individuals maximize the value they deliver to clients and the regions.

B.  Encourage your team

Shine the limelight on your team’s fantastic work and reward every member of your team that contributed.

C.  Make your mark

Display and celebrate your success over the last year and be recognized by the industry experts.

D.  Expand your network

Win new business and open opportunities for new clients by rubbing shoulders with award-winning businesses.

Awards Category & 2022 Winners

This year’s awards give you the opportunity to encourage your team, make your mark, expand your network, and gain global recognition from the world’s professionals. Give your teams something to smile about as we come together as an industry to celebrate your success!

A.  Solar Energy Industry Leadership

EPC Company of the Year

C.  Solar Energy Innovation Excellence

Smart Technology Innovation of the Year

B.  Solar Energy Business Excellence

Company of the Year: Module

Solar Rising Star Company of the Year

Awards Timeline

Open for entry:  6    December 2021
Final Deadline:  13    February 2022
Judging: 21    February 2022 – 3    March 2022
Shortlist Announced: 7    March 2022
Awards Ceremony: 30    March 2022

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Evaluation Criteria

A.  Degree of the Technological Innovation 20%
B.  Safety 20%
C.  Technical and Environmental Benefits 30%
D.  Economic Benefits 20%
E.  Proof of Innovation 10%

The jury team gives scores of 1 – 5 for each of these dimensions.

  • 5 points: More than expected

  • 4 points: Meet expectations

  • 3 points: Basically meet expectations

  • 2 points: Fall short of expectations

  • 1 point: Not at all as expected

Contact the Awards Team

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Awards Enquiries

Cami Wang

+86 156 1856 0256


Awards Enquiries

Holnam Sha

+86 150 9330 8916



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